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Your all-in-one solution for policy research and development.

Innovations in technology, changes in regulatory frameworks, and new legislative impacts make keeping updated policies to run your organization more challenging than ever.  With day-to-day demands of leading an organization, your time is valuable and researching and developing policies can be overwhelming.  At Abbfortis Strategies, we have the expert experience in policy research and development ready to work for you

We’ve led and managed organizations facing similar challenges as you.  You need a turnkey solution.  We will deliver just that.  We will perform thorough and in-depth discovery and analysis and develop policies that are tailored and accurate.  Our solutions and strategies range from topic-specific policies to broad and overarching policies, customized to your needs.


We perform in-depth research and analysis of policies, including peer review and impacts.


We deliver accurate strategies and policy solutions that are tailored to meet your targeted needs.


We forecast impacts of new legislation, innovations in technology and changes in the market.


We offer training services to give your team the tools in policy research and development.

Policy Research & DevelopmentWe're ready to help, we'll do the work.

Abbfortis Strategies is your all-in-one solution for researching and developing policies.