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Capital projects planning is a critical tool for organizations to ensure they are prepared for future capital needs due to growth, innovation, aging facilities or other determining factors.  Abbfortis Strategies has a wealth of experience in capital projects planning to deliver a comprehensive plan tailored to your organization’s needs.

Your Capital Planning Solution

Abbfortis Strategies Approach to Capital Projects Planning

The Abbfortis Strategies difference is our experienced insight in capital projects planning.  We put this experience to work for you, with a keen focus on long-term needs and viability of projects.  Our comprehensive phases for capital projects planning include:


We meet with you and your team to identify key objectives you want to accomplish with your capital projects plan and any overarching goals and vision to consider.


We perform the necessary research and data gathering to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of your challenges and opportunities.


We help identify funding sources and opportunities necessary to successfully implement the capital projects plan.


We develop a completely tailored plan for your needs, with clearly defined long-term capital projects and the resources necessary to make sure they are successfully delivered.


We assist your team in rolling out your plan to both internal and external stakeholders to achieve buy-in, ownership and alignment.


We deliver regular progress reporting on plan metrics, making oversight and management of the plan easy for you.

We design our capital projects planning services around your needs.  Some organizations need all of the above services and others only a few.  With our comprehensive approach to capital projects planning, using all of the above services provides you a turnkey solution, giving you the time you need to make your organization thrive.

We are your experienced solution to capital projects planning

We've been there, we can help you

With the day-to-day demands you face in your organization, finding the time and resources to plan for capital projects can be overwhelming.  That’s where Abbfortis Strategies steps in.  Our experienced team has valuable insight in capital projects planning and we can develop your tailored plan ready for you to execute.  Planning for capital projects requires an intimate understanding

and appreciation for every step of capital project management.  At Abbfortis Strategies, we’ve been where you are.  We have managed capital projects from inception, to funding acquisition, to construction.  That’s why we know how to deliver a capital projects plan to you that will be feasible, actionable, and meet your organization’s goals and objectives.